The Benefits of Having Electric Gates In Leeds

If you have a property, one of the first things you want to be sure of is that it is well secured and you will want a good boundary wall as well as a strong gate. This can be a significant investment and it’s important to choose the gate installation with care. We at PRO 1 Security are one of the leading manufacturers of electric gates and provide the best installations for commercial and residential properties. In addition to design and installation, we also handle ongoing maintenance and repair of electric gates in Leeds.

High Quality Installation

Every installation will be of the highest quality and we ensure that the electric mechanism is top of the line too. When it comes to reliability and high standards, we are second to none. Over the years, we have proved ourmettle in this space and today, customers across the region trust only us for all their requirements of electric gates in Leeds. When you opt for our products, you have peace of mind that the most reliable electric gates have been installed.

The Benefits

A number of properties have very good existing gates and if you want those automated, we can do that too. Electric motors will be fitted to the installation, and you will be able to control them electronically. This adds to the safety and security of your property in a very significant way. If you are wondering whether you should get electric gates in Leeds installed on your property, look at the benefits:

High Security

This is one of the most significant benefits. A closed automated gate is a definite deterrent to a burglar/ thief. Since these gates can be remote accessed from inside the house, you have the flexibility to monitor and open & close them as required. Since these gates are custom designed for you, we can also add spikes to the top of the gates for added security.


When you opt for PRO 1 Security Leeds electric gates, you are assured that the highest grade materials are being used in the work. The metal gates that we design and install for you are strong and durable they are very low maintenance too.


Automated gates are a definite convenience and they add to the aesthetics of your property.

Maintenance and Safety Factors

We are highly committed to safety and understand that only proper maintenance will ensure that these installations work the way they should, and provide trouble free service for a number of years. This is why we recommend that you opt for our annual packages for maintenance of electric gates in Leeds. As part of this maintenance work, we carry out very detailed testing with the latest and most technologically advanced equipment. This can be actioned on gates that we have newly- installed for you, as well as ones that already exist on your property. For more information and quotes, please call PRO 1 Security on 07752 479 778. You can also contact us via the contact form below.